Pride in London 2019

QSDCL marched in London Pride Parade 2019!

We did it, we took QSDCL to London Pride! Woohooo!!!

I woke up the following morning still brimming with pride. The day went beautifully, with minimal hiccups, and some outstanding moments…

I’m also flush with gratitude for the impressive community effort. Our awesome QSDCL took on many tasks including: creating an outstanding, inclusive logo; making the Just Giving site & collecting t-shirts; researching various options including sourcing a badge-making company; gathering raffle prizes, and raffle logistics ideas; teaching a pre-pride switching class; audio support; speaker hire; creating and managing the raffle; organising a pre-parade picnic; setting up OUT for the Count, many of whom displayed their awesome switching and stealing skills during the march; being an encouraging part of our cheering squad; and everyone in the QSDCL who marched, danced, sang, held the banner, pushed the speaker, contributed to the playlist, clapped and cheered! We even had a fabulous queer swing dancer join us all the way from Copenhagen!

Huge thank you to Mark Hart Photography for lovingly capturing this glorious experience!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the JustGiving site, bought a raffle ticket or contributed a raffle prize; and to all who contributed throughout the lead up to this event, with helpful ideas and encouraging words.

And saving my favourite for last: thank you to my partner-in-crime, Dani, for building the website, the Twitter page, ordering t-shirts & banner, and of course for co-founding this incredible community with me. You are an inspiration 💖

And now, onwards! Having significantly raised our profile in London, let’s keep building our community. Let’s have a few socials where we can share our visions and ideas, and of course, keep having all the fun!

Thank you again; I am proud and elated to be part of this community. We did a great thing yesterday. I hope you now enjoy a well-deserved rest